The African bushveld is the perfect place for people to recognise their place within the universe and to reconnect with nature and wildlife, but, most importantly, with oneself. Yoga is a fast track to access this space, wherever you are. This luxury safari offers an opportunity to reawaken your soul on a much deeper level.

The combination of an exciting bush adventure with the wellness gained through yoga and meditation offers an incredible holistic experience that is not only good for the soul but also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and others.

The South Africa yoga safari is a soulful journey that creates a balance with the luxury that &Beyond is renowned for and the breathtaking natural surroundings of our lodges. We all crave that feel-good experience when we have heard ourselves, recognised and answered our body, mind and spirit’s request for nurturing.

Our busy lives, with rapidly increasing pressures (financial, personal and career oriented), leave very little time for meaningful focus and attention to our own wellbeing.

Wellness – of body and mind - has become a priority as we realise that the pace we have become accustomed to and, in fact, have to keep up, is dependent on our overall wellbeing. Yet most of us still battle to fit it all in with the daily pressures of life.

So, a holiday that combines luxury, first-time outstanding life experiences (like seeing lions on the open plains of Africa), relaxation, time to connect with loved ones and yourself, can only contribute towards a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing getaway.

Your yoga experience in one of our pristine lodges will be led by one of South Africa’s top yoga teachers, internationally qualified and recognised in the yoga discipline they practice.