Camps Bay Retreat is located on four acres of private land in the Glen. The land borders the historical Round House Precinct and Glen Forest, which comprises an area of approximately 35,3 ha and falls within the Table Mountain National Park.

The estate is dynamic always changing, growing, and developing. We see Camps Bay Retreat as a work-in-progress in which our guests play an integral part in our progress.

Our resident dogs will happily escort you on a forest walk. With their warm and welcoming greeting you’re assured of uncomplicated, undemanding companionship. Or just enjoy the wonderful feel of a velvet ear in your hand and the sound of a happily thumping tail.

Choose to spend your time alone, or in the company of our staff who are there to take care of you. Stroll the extensive gardens and spend time in secluded hideaways and peaceful places of contemplation. Or take a guided walk in the grounds with our resident Horticulturalist to see where the fynbos is being restored and a natural forest established. Her herb garden supplies thyme, rosemary, mint, chocolate mint and rocket to the restaurant; and you are more than welcome to pay her a visit.

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