The Damaraland / Kaokoland safari is one of diverse sceneries from the desert landmarks to mountains to the amazing wildlife.

Damaraland; is one of the most scenic regions in Namibia, with its expansive sand dunes, rock formations and soaring mountain peaks.

Kaokoveld; a long drive, but definitely worth it.  Here the landscape is harsh but very beautiful in the early morning and late afternoon.  

Damaraland / Kaokoland Attractions include:

Palmwag Concession Area; Here you will get to see the largest free roaming population of black rhino in Africa.  Other wildlife include the elephants and an assortment of birdlife

The Brandberg; Namibia's highest mountain and also home to the famous 'White Lady' Bushman Painting.

Twyfelfontein; the site contains more than 2,000 rock engravings

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