Knysna, is the epicentre of the scenic Garden Route.  It’s situated between George and Plettenberg Bay.  Its pronounced Nice, na.  Knysna is derived from a Khoi word meaning ‘place of wood’, or fern leaves.

Knysna’s climate is similar to that of Mediterranean regions, which makes it an ideal tourist destination all year round.  The wettest times are October and December.

Knysna Tourist Attractions include;

Buffalo Bay; the best and safest beach for swimming and also excellent for angling

Knysna Forest; It’s the largest indigenous forest in South Africa, with trees such as the Cape chestnut, stinkwood, blackwood, yellowwood, and ironwood found here.   Wildlife found in the park are the common herbivore like the antelopes and a host of bird life.

Millwood Gold Mines; Alluvial gold was found here in 1885, which caused a rush to the area. Jubilee Creek, the exact spot where gold was found, provides a tranquil and beautiful picnic area, with many enjoyable forest walks in the area.

Tsitsikamma National Park area; considered the culinary capital of oysters and for seafood connoisseurs it’s a must you stop visit here.

Knysna Holiday Accommodation

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