The thrill of close encounters with the Majestic African Elephant.

Witness their intelligence, compassionate nature and the sheer delight the elephant experience when interacting with their human counterparts. The Elephant Interaction offers you the opportunity to feel their constantly curious trunks, touch their rough skin, exchange trunk greetings and offer tasty treats, while learning about their behaviour and history from the Elephant Handlers. An Elephant Back Ride offers a different perspective; embark on a journey which was once a privilege reserved only for kings!

Baby playing with the foot of the African elephant Touching the African elephant Boy waking with Kruger Lowveld elephant

For those seeking a unique and memorable wildlife encounter, an Elephant Interaction and Ride at Elephant Whispers is an exciting and touching experience not to be missed.

Situated in the Sandford Conservancy on the banks of the Sabie River in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, Elephant Whispers offers an Elephant Experience of a lifetime which will leave you with a renewed respect and admiration for these gentle giants of Africa.

Riding on the back of an African elephant Girls and guide riding on the back of a Kruger Lowveld elephant

This experience, for both young and old, introduces you to Elephant Whispers’ six tamed and trained elephants who were rescued from planned game reserve culling operations by Elephants for Africa Forever (EFAF). As ambassadors for their species, this herd has an important conservation message to share.

The mighty African Elephant is the world’s largest living land animal. The mere sight of these magnificent tusked creatures is enough to inspire awe in the mind of even the most moderate of wildlife enthusiasts.