This horse riding safari, from near Sossusvlei ((soss’us-flay’) to Swakopmund (swah’kop-moond’) on the Atlantic Coast is our most challenging ride and not for the unfit or faint-hearted but undeniably the ride of a lifetime.

Booking Details

From Windhoek (win’took) back to Windhoek: 11 days, 10 nights, 8 riding days; 2 lodge-based nights (first and last nights), 8 nights camping.

Arrive in Windhoek on first day of your horse riding safari in time for pre-dinner group meeting and arrive back at Windhoek International Airport on last day of the trail in time for flights leaving after 15:00 (please be aware that Namibia has a minus 1-hour daylight time saving from April to September) Make sure of your departure flight times are local.


Days begin at sunrise, departure is generally by 8am with 4 – 5 hours riding before lunch. Lunch breaks vary from an hour to 2 ½ hours followed by another 2 – 3 hours riding in the afternoon.  

We average anything from 20 – 50 km riding per day, all paces, sometimes over rough terrain.  Please note that this is a true desert so routes can change due to unpredictable weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Please use only soft luggage of no more than 20 kg if possible, otherwise split your luggage between two soft bags

Because of the remoteness of our rides it is essential that riders ensure they are covered for emergency evacuation.