The South Africa Shark cage diving is the safest near death experience you will ever have!  Get up close and personal with the Great White Sharks in Cape Town.  The beauty of the shark cage diving is that you don’t require any diving certificate to do it. 

How it works

Once you have arrived at the dive site and have changed into the wet suit you will enter the cage and its lowered.  The sharks then get lured by bait made from tuna or sardines.  Two thirds of the shark’s brain is dedicated to processing scent so have no doubt they will come to your location.

This whole time the dive master will be communicating with you letting you know where the shark is coming from.  When the time comes it will seem unreal............ as you see the shark approaching you and since it’s a curious creature it will come close and then you will come face to face with the sea’s most deadly predator.

For the not so brave you can view all this from the boat’s upper deck and get some excellent photo and video opportunities.

You can contact us below if you would like to experience this for yourself