Walking with African Lions

A once in a life time experience... Walk alongside Africa's most majestic predator. The "walking with lions" encounter is an opportunity to interact with young lions. Our African lion walks take approximately one hour to complete - depending on how fast the lions are prepared to amble - and a maximum of eight - ten guests (1.5 meter or taller) can be hosted on each excursion.

No leashes, No Collars, just a natural African Lion Adventure...

This activity held at Botlierskop Private Game Reserve is an opportunity to accompany them on foot in their natural habitat. These lions offer guests an unparalleled experience and insight into the behaviour of this species. The close interaction with lions strengthens mutual respect and extends understanding and feelings for conservation. It is fully supervised and professionally managed by an experienced team. GUEST'S height must be of 1.5 meter and taller.

The lions are unrestricted and roam free as you join them on a walk through fynbos vegetation and African Bush. These twice-a-day catwalks, which are strictly controlled by guides, are quite comfortable and slow to allow you to see how the lions interact and play. We walk with both white and tawny lions, separately, and a specific lion colour cannot be requested.