Private Coaching

Two-hours of surf coaching at one of Cape Town’s most suitable surfing beaches. These private surf lessons can be tailored for beginner surfers who prefer learning outside of a general group environment or intermediate surfers wanting to improve specific skills. This option ensures exclusivity for the individual or group with a coach especially assigned to cater for your individual needs. Listed pricing is for a private lesson for up to 2 persons. Extra participants will be charged additionally. For groups of 6 of more, regular group rates apply. Package deal available for 4 x 2 hour lessons.

Pricing:  Starting from R 1150 pp

“Experience the Stoke” Lessons

Learn to surf at one of the beautiful beaches along Cape Town’s picturesque coastline. A two-hour group surf lesson by qualified surf coaches includes use of a comfy, warm wetsuit, safe soft-top surfboard and guarantees 100% ‘stoke’. If you are hooked after your group lesson and want to upgrade to the “Super Stoked” package, simply pay the price difference and we will count your first surf lesson as lesson 1 of 4.

Pricing:  Transported option: R 450 pp / Self-drive option: R 330 pp

“Super Stoked” Package

This package includes four two-hour surf lessons which can be taken over a period of a few days up to a month-whatever best suits your schedule. We cover everything from surf safety and ocean awareness, to paddling technique, how to stand up and surf the waves, turning and trimming green waves to wave selection and rules of the surf. After four surf lessons you are guaranteed to be stoked and ready to venture off into the appropriate beginner’ surf on your own. We will advise what equipment is best for you and should you decide to purchase your own gear, we will even arrange discounted prices on equipment. If you would prefer to try before you buy we do offer the option to book for an Experience the Stoke’ lesson and upgrade to the ‘Super Stoked’ package should you be hooked after your first lesson. Simply pay the price difference and we will count your first lesson as 1 of 4. For online bookings, please let us know the day you’d like to do your first lesson and then email us the desired dates for lesson 2, 3 and 4.

Pricing:  Transported option: R 1650 pp / Self-drive option: R 1150 pp