The Abu Elephant Experience

Abu Camp's resident elephant herd offers an unparalleled opportunity to become steeped in the African environment and transform your perception of elephants, wildlife and hopefully, your outlook on life itself.

During your stay you are invited to immerse yourself in the elephant herd. Explore the pristine environment with the herd, and get to know the personalities of each family member, from playful babies to precocious teenagers and doting mothers, all led by the sage, experienced matriarch, Cathy. By the time you leave Abu, you will feel a special, emotional connection to the herd which is nothing less than humbling and rewarding.

The Abu herd offers an incomparable opportunity to intimately engage and physically interact with elephants through varied activities. Shortly after arriving at camp, guests will be personally introduced to the herd, with the activities that follow over the remainder of the stay offering an all-encompassing and satisfying experience in the world of the elephant.

Activities Include:

• Walk with the elephants

• Physically interact with the herd

• Participate in or just observe activities such as mud bathing, training and veterinary care

• Engage in elephant-back safaris

• View wildlife from the back of an elephant

• Discuss elephant conservation and care with local researchers

• Gain insightful interpretation of elephant behavior