Please find below the Legal requirements for wedding/marriage in South Africa as well as the documents required for marriage/wedding in South Africa

Before coming to get married in South Africa please check with the authorities in your country to see if you need an unabridged marriage certificate and an apostile for your country.

There is no legal requirement to be in South Africa before your wedding but it would be prudent to be here before to iron out any pending issues with your marriage officer.

A copy of prenuptial agreement and registration certificate must be presented if the marriage is out of community of property.  Marriage in South Africa is automatically registered as being in community of property unless explicitly stated before the ceremony.

In Community of Property; means that each partner owns half of the joint estate and debt that both share.  In the event the marriage collapses the each partner gets half of the joint estate and if there is debt both of them share it.

Out of Community of Property; this occurs when the couple signs an (ANC) antenuptial contract before getting married.  This basically means both parties remain the sole owners of what they brought into the marriage, and if the marriage collapses then there is no sharing anything